This is the last nice week in AZ – that is, if you think 85 is nice. I think it’s ok, especially when compared to 100+ that we will see next week and for the next several months.

Except that I won’t see it all. Jorge and I leave for Seattle every summer. This will be our 5th or 6th summer to get out of the miserable Phoenix, i.e. The Oven.

And The Oven will be on high starting 1st week of June I’ll wager. By the 2nd weekend in June we’ll see 110+. It’s our “winter”

And people say “oh, we just go from our air conditioned car to our air conditioned home or office”

Yeah, that’s nice if you want to be stuck inside all the time.

But I need to be outside. I grew up in the deep woods of Alabama and I love being in the outdoors and the forests. There are no lovely, shaded forests in the Valley of The Oven but at least when it’s not completely miserable I can go on night runs… until I can’t because the LOW is 90.

I’ve enjoyed this week so far and I will continue to enjoy what little is left of it. I can only pray that another strong wind comes through and blows away the heat one *last* time before The Oven is left on high Through October…