Hey everyone!

Gilbert here – I figured I would take a second to gather my thoughts no everything going on so far! So, I’ve been playing with Bohemian Insurgence for about a year and a half now, enjoying putting our spin on cover tunes and originals by Rebecca.
With the start of the new year, Rebecca approached me and Emilio about starting to work on writing and producing songs together. I have a bit of experience with producing and arranging, but very little with the songwriting process, so I felt intrigued and excited to take on a new endeavor. I also have been working on a home studio, so I finally wanted to get the chance to flex my creative muscles :P.
We’ve spent the last couple of months getting a good workflow going, and even have written a couple of songs that we will be including in our sets! It’s been fun figuring out these game plans, and playing to our strengths. We usually spend our first section of writing just dumping ideas and coming up with a skeleton for the song’s form, and from there Rebecca usually is handling the lyrical and melody side of things, while Emilio and I handle other ideas for the song and the production itself. It’s great to be able to apply myself here, work with 2 great open-minded teammates, and come up with a great end result!
I look forward to continuing this and learning more from both Emilio and Rebecca, especially with lyric writing, as I would like to get better at that for my own sake!